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  • In the name of Allah gracious and merciful!  Allah -- there is no god besides him, alive, real; neither drowsiness nor sleep can seize Him, He owns everything in the Heavens and on the Earth.  Who will plead, except with His permission?  He knows what was before them and what will be after them, while they perceive nothing from His knowledge other than He wishes.  His throne embraces the heavens and the earth, and He is not burdened by guarding them.  Indeed Great and High is He.


  • Ordered to build this blessed tomb (kubba) the greatest, the noblest, abundant in generosity and magnanimity, the support of kings and sultans, refuge for the weak and the poor, guardian of scientists and those who seek knowledge, aid to the poor and wayfarers, the glory of the state and the faith, Emir Pir-Hussein, son of the late absolved Emir elevated to His [Allah's] patronage, the most merciful Emir Sa'ad, - may the soil lie light upon him - in the days of reign of the Great Sultan, the most generous Khakan, the Sultan of Sultans in the East and the West, the aid of the state and the faith, Pir Budaq Khan and Yusuf Noyon, - may Allah perpetuate their power, on the fifteenth of Radzhab of the year 816 [October 11, 1413].


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