Just  off   the   road  E    before    the first turnoff to Kosh is a large khachkar whose inscription, from 1195, commerates the delivery of Aragatsotn from the Seljuk Turks. Village Kosh is attested from early Christian times as Kvash, with a relatively rich history. In the village are ruins of S. Grigor (13th c.) and S. Gevorg    (19 th c.)      churches,   with

   Continuing, the  main  road   forks  at the hamlet of Verin Sasunik (formerly Gharajilar), which was emptied in 1960 and resettled in 1989. Right of the road at the turnoff are a cemetery and remains of a 7th? c. domed church and various medieval remnants.


medieval cemetery nearby. N of Kosh is the 13th c. Kosh castle, built on earlier remains, as Hellenistic period pottery attests. SE of this castle on a nearby hill are IA towers. From Kosh, at 3.1km from the Gyumri highway driving N on a good asphalt road, a dirt track angles off to the right, leading to the 7th  c. S. Stepanos church in the gorge, with hermits' caves and substantial ruins of the Koshavank monastic complex. Among the medieval monuments of the area is famous another large khachkar standing in the middle of the village, on a hill.