Voskevaz was originally  known as Ghzltamur (“Red Timur”), by popular etymology out of gratitude to the 15th c. scourge Timur Lenk, who chose not to slaughter the villagers. The village has a roofless S. Hovhannes church. About 1 km  S and     a     little     W     of    the   village overlooking      the    Kasakh     gorge

   Voskehat (till    1949  Patrinj)  has remains of an Iron Age fort W, and remnants of a 14th c. church.


where another stream comes in, are the ruins of the 5-7th c. "Badali Zham" church. W of this is a prehistoric “Vishap” (carved dragon stone) brought from its original site on Mt. Aragats and set up on a modern concrete plinth by local youths. Another 100 m W are the important remnants of a major Bronze Age fortress, called Aghtamir, including massive defensive walls, with medieval settlement and early tombs within. Nearby is a late medieval stone and mud fort, now crumbling.