Kuchak  was founded in  1829-30 by migrants from Mush.  It is named for Nahapet Kuchak, a 16th c. bard from near Van traditionally but erroneously credited with a whole genre of medieval Armenian verse call Hayrens. There is a 19th c. church  in  the  village.   The   road   E from Kuchak passes ruined basilica church of the 19th c. on the N end  of

   The road crosses  the  N  end  of  the reservoir to reach Yeghipatrush, known till 1945 as Tanjrlu and then till 1992 called Mravyan after Askanaz Mravyan, first Soviet Armenian Cultural  Commissar. In the village is a 10-13th c.  S.  Astvatsatsin  church. Some   100   m   beyond   is   an   early cemetery with one an allegedly 5th c. basilica  in   addition   to   a    khachkar

the Aparan reservoir and an evocative “Tukh Manuk” shrine on a hilltop overlooking the reservoir and the ruined basilica church. The scatter of obsidian flake around the shrine suggests use from earliest times.