Turning  right  (N)   in   Agarak,   the road reaches the recently renamed village of Aghtsk (once Akis/Hakhs), still known to its inhabitants as Dzorap. Half way through the village on the right of the road is a 4th c. grave monument complex. N of the shrine, whose superstructure is  destroyed,  are  the the lower walls of

   From  the  main  road   to   Gyumri,  a right turn some 15 km past the Ashtarak bridge leads to Ujan, endowed with a cave, a cyclopean fort with ruined church and underground passage, and a statue of General Andranik, hero of Armenia's battles against  the  Turks and Azeris in 1917-1920.

a 4th c. Christian basilica.  About 100 m N of  the basilica, by a shrine, a path leads right into the  gorge below the church, with a series of interesting caves, some with stone doors, used in the 16-18th c. for refuge.