Further    N   is   Doghs,   site    of    a glorious victory here in 894 of Smbat I Bagratuni over the invading Emir Apshin of Atrapatakan.  Doghs has a S. Stepanos church built in the 19th c.

   Entering from the S the village of Aghavnatun, there are sparse remains of an Iron Age cyclopean fort. On the left of the road entering the village from the S is a ruined medieval princely tomb of 13th c., chapel and graveyard surrounding.  There are remains          of         five         churches:


S. Astvatsatsin church of 1876, S. Gevorg of 10th c; Tsiranavor of 14th c; Karmravor; S. Karapet churches; and reportedly a restaurant.  Turning left (N) on a paved road at the N end of town, a dusty road leads through a major tuff quarry (prehistoric graveyard below) to a hilltop with a prominent circular tower. Build of massive stones, with a tiny entrance, this tower commands a sweeping view and may have served as a watchtower or, perhaps, as a Zoroastrian funeral site (cf. Parsee “towers of silence” in India).  In any case, no finds are associated with the tower, which is undated. A small local shrine is standing further NW.