The     village      of     Yervandashat (formerly Kheyri-Begli, 4-5th c. ruined basilica, S. Shushanik church of the 10- 17th c.) is further S. Between the two villages, on the ridge overlooking the Akhurian river at its confluence with the Arax,    is     the     3rd  c.     BC     city     of

Yervandashat, founded by King Orontes (Eruand) IV, last of the Orontid dynasty as a new capital to replace Armavir which, according to Armenia’s “Father of History” Movses Khorenatsi, had been left dry by a shift of the Arax river. In addition to remains of fortifications, brief archaeological researches in the 1980s reportedly revealed traces of the ancient gardens and palaces attested by Movses.  On the Akhurian river are traces of the ancient bridge connecting Ervandashat to the fortress of Ervandakert built by the same ruler on the opposite bank of river.