Just   before   the   village   of   Argel (until recently Lusakert), a paved road angles down into the gorge, passing a cemetery and the narrow turn-off left to S. Gevorg church, a basilica built in 1890 embodying some earlier remains. In the wall of  the gorge behind the cemetery are two important Mousterian-Mesolithic     cave        sites,

   The road continues  past  a  lake  to the Gyumush hydroelectric plant. The map shows, now incorrectly (the bridge is gone) this or another road leading to Charentsavan by way of Karenis (former Gyumush), which preserves a 5th c. single-aisle  basilica and the 15th c. Matteos Arakyal (Apostle Mathew) monastery.


Lusakert I and II, littered with worked obsidian flakes. Argel had a medieval fort and church, destroyed by Timur Lenk. There are Bronze Age burials nearby.