The road ends at Arevis. At about 7 km from the Hatsavan fork, you see on a bluff left across the river the low red remains of Tanahati Vank or (as it is known to the locals) Karmir Vank. It may be possible to ford the river by car below the  monastery,    while  one km upstream of it is a deeper ford or, 80 m further upstream, a precarious footbridge    made   of   an    old    truck

   A  road  SE  from  Sisian  leads  past Uyts, with cyclopean castle nearby.

chassis, with a pleasant foot track leading up (20 minutes) to the monastery. Preserved are remains of a single-aisle basilica, perhaps of the 5th c., with a small columned hall adjoining it S. W of the church is a little cemetery, which includes the well-preserved cist grave of a notable at its highest point.