Khnatsakh, the latter with  a  church of 1610, khachkars of 13-17th c. on hilltops surrounding, and shrines. Perhaps two km NE of Khnatsakh, on a hillside just inside the Lachin district, are the ruins of Tsitsernavank, named either for the  nearby  swallows  or   else for a piece of the little finger of the Apostle Peter supposed  to  have   been

   Continuing    the     main   road    from Goris S you reach the village of Karahunj, which has a S.  Hripsime shrine of 1675, cave dwelligs, khachkars, and a fort of some description.

kept here. The long, narrow basilica is thought to date from as early as the 5th c., with a small bell-tower added in late medieval times.