The   village     of     Halidzor      was donated to Tatev monastery in the 10th c.  It has an early 17th c. church and, 1 km E, Vanasar, a site with khachkars,  which Prince Tarsayich Orbelian gave to the architect Siranes as payment for building Amaghu Noravank.

   From Halidzor, the road winds   down into the gorge of the Vorotan, crossing at the so-called Satanís Bridge where the Vorotan goes briefly underground through a cave. Above the bridge is a warm mineral spring  and picnic area, worth a brief halt. There is an isolated 11-13th c.  church   in  the  valley below the Devilís bridge. The road then switchbacks  steeply up  to  the  village


of Tatev and the nearby fortified Tatev monastery. In the S part of the village is Tatev hermitage (Tatev Anapat) of the 17th c. There is also a site near Tatev, village called Tsuravank, a monastery of the 10-17th c. A difficult dirt road, requiring good ground clearance, continues S from Tatev through beautiful wooded country.