Going S on the main road from Goris to Kapan, the road rises from the town and hydroelectric station of Vorotan in the gorge.

   A   kilometer   or   two    beyond    the summit, a signposted road leads W to Bardzravan (till 1926 Mazra). At 3.1 km from the turnoff, a paved road (faded white sign) leads right to a little wooded promontory on which stand the remains of Bgheno Noravank, with a small  reconstructed  church  of 1062.The ruins of this church were rediscovered   in    the  1920s  by  Axel



Bakunts,  the writer from Goris, during one of his wanderings as agronomist. In the village of Bartsravan is a S. Astvatsatsin church of 1870. Two km S on the slope toward the Vorotan river is Karkopi S. Minas church of the 17th c.