E  of   the   road, Kaghnut (till 1949 Moghes) has a modern hermitage.


   Artsvanik  dates to the 6th c. 3  km NE is Yeritsavank, a 6th c. church and pilgrimage site named after Yeritsuk, a mid-6th c. bishop of Syunik; 1 km W is a small 9th c. church, with 11th c. khachkars. Further W are ruins of a medieval structure, the so-called Agravi    Tapan    (“Crow’s Ark”),     the Chknavori  shrine,  and   ruins    of     a


4th-1st c. BC fortress. There is a village tree thought to be 500 years old. The melik (chieftain) of the village, Melik-Frangyul, is fabled for betraying his kinsmen by going over with his troops to the Turks in the middle of one of Davit Bek's  crucial battles.