Rind  E of Chiva,  founded  in  1967 to replace the old village of the same name abandoned due to slides. There is a cave-shrine 3 km NE of the 10-15th  c.; old settelment Verin Ulgyugh 1-1,5 km E, of the 11-14th c., with S. Astvatsatsin church of the 13-14th c.

   The village of Areni (formerly called Arpa) is famous for its wine. Visible to the right of the main road is the Astvatsatsin church (Mother of God) of 1321, with interesting khachkars and tombstones outside; turn S into the village, cross the bridge,  and  turn  left on a clear road up to the church. There are ruins of the medieval Areni village and  mansion  of   Tarsayich   Orbelyan


in the valley and, reportedly, remains of a cyclopean fort SE of the village on the edge of gorge and a 13th c. bridge remains on the Arpa river built by Bishop Sargis (1265-1287). There is a cluster of  shrines (S. Sargis cave-shrine, S. Grigor Nahatak), as well as khachkars and gravestones situated in diffrent parts of the village. In Areni was found in 1981 an altar with a Greek inscription of AD 163 dedicating it to the Olympian Goddess on behalf of a Roman officer, Aemilius Ovalis, of the 15th Legion Apollinaris. During the reconstructin of the wineries huge vine clay-pots site of medieval period was discovered. SE from the village, by the road to Amaghu, atop of a mountain are traces of the medieval fortress of Hrashkaberd. Just left from the same road, in a small gorge is a cave complex, with traces of simple constructions and pieces of medieval pottery. On the main highway to Arpi, just left from the road (after Noravank turnoff) one can notice standing stones with unusual ornaments.

"ARENI" winery "KIMLEY" winery