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Discriptions of regions, cities and villages complete with maps and photos. Location and historical context for each entry.

Our best pictures introducing the real Armenia

Information of the database represented in diffrent thematic categories

Everything about travel and tourist industry in Armenia

Latest information on exiting or newly excavated monuments, accommodations, tourism related products.

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     This structure is a massive visual and textual database about Armenia. It contains descriptions  of regions, cities, and other populated areas complete with maps and photos. Armenia's rich archaeological and historical monuments, which date from prehistoric times to the modern era, are presented in photos with explanations for the student, tourist, and interested visitor. We provide location and historical context for each entry. Tourists planning a visit to Armenia will also enjoy the natural beauty of this ancient land, captured in views that vary through the seasons. For  producers of tourism-related products and services, we offer extensive information on potential tour routes, as well as links to local tour operators, hotels, restaurants, and travel data. Through this site, tour companies throughout the world may contact their local counterparts and begin planning their travel packages without leaving the site.  For scholars and scientists, this site can be used to find partners among the local academic community for assistance in advancing their studies and establishing joint projects.  Although we have also planned this site for members of the Armenian diaspora, to permit them to rediscover their heritage and reengage with their Motherland, anyone seeking a fuller understanding of the sweep of world history will profit from a virtual walk through this ancient land.                     

 As we say in Armenia, Bari Galust, Welcome.

   This site is still under construction. Please bear with us as we expand, update, and enter the latest information on existing and newly excavated monuments, as well as accommodations offered by the developing tourist industry. We welcome your comments and questions.