Continuing N beyond the  village  of Artashavan (formerly Ilanchalan), there is a  7th c. Amenaprkich church 500 m NE in a small george, with cave sites nearby.

   In the  gorge  N  of  Ohanavan  is  the village of Saghmosavan, with the Monastery of Saghmosavank (“Monastery of Psalms”), consisting of S. Sion church and an adjoining gavit built in 1215 by Prince Vache Vachutian and his wife Mamakhatun. According to an inscription of 1255 on the  structure  S  of  the  main   church,


“I Kurd (son of Vache) and my wife Khorishah built this library and established this chapel in the name of our daughter.” The monastery was restored several times including in 1890. Near the entrance of the monastery are scant remains of a cyclopean fortification walls, Saghmosavank large khachkar and gravestones. Another group of large khachkars and gravestones are situated N, on the edge of the Kasagh river gorge.