After  Shaghap,  a  track  leads  SE  to Lanjanist  (till 1968 Khidirli), ruined old church N of village.

   Before   the  S.  Karapet   turnoff,   the road continues to Lusashogh  (till 1978 Karakhach). Turning right at the main intersection of Lusashogh, then left and uphill right, you reach the faint foundations of a church, of which remains standing a shrine known by the  locals  as  Surp  Hpvhannes,   with interesting artifacts and tombstones. Passing     through    Lusashogh,   you


reach pass from which a clear dirt road follows the contour line off to the right. The monastery of St. Karapet is 7.1 km along a road rocky and steep in places, in others axle-deep in dust (or, in season) mud. Tucked into a fold of the Urts Range overlooking a back valley of the Ararat region, S. Karapet Vank (the “Forerunner”- i.e.  John  the  Baptist)   is   a    wonderfully remote and melancholy site for a picnic (shaded picnic table). The church of 1254 (padlocked) is well preserved, with a graveyard, ruined belltower and tumbled remains of outbuildings and a choked cistern. The road passes broken khachkars, faint ruined farm buildings, and hawks and harriers hunting across the sheep-cropped hillsides.