Zovaber  (till 1978 Yayji)  is  the  first village reached in Gegharkunik on the old road from Hrazdan to Sevan. Its residents came from Maku in 1830. There is a S. Stepanos church built in 1860.

   Continuing  straight  past  the  Sevan city turn-off, passing various hostels, one crosses the Hrazdan river and, about 2 km later, reaches a wide parking area with the road (right) leading to the Sevan peninsula. Ignoring the red “no entry” signs and bearing right, one comes to the parking  area  and   restaurants   at   the
foot  of   the   steps   to  


(once also known as Sevvank, "Black Monastery"). Here on the then island, Princess Mariam Bagratuni sponsored construction of a monastery, first post-Arab example of an important religious/architectural regional school, under the spiritual guidance of the future katholikos Mashtots. Beyond the monastery parking area, the road continues past a police checkpoint to modern, assertive guesthouses belonging to the Writer’s Union and the Government. There is a commercial bathing beach below the monastery. Somewhere on the peninsula may lurk scant remains of a cyclopean fortress or its medieval successor.