At   the     far    (W)     end      of     the Kievyan bridge in Yerevan turn right, paralleling Hrazdan gorge. At 2.3 km, take   the  right    fork,    passing    the Davitashen bridge. At  approximately 6.5   km,   you   reach   the    town    of Zovuni, founded   in   1965   for   the residents of  Zovuni   village   (mostly

   The paved road left continues on to Kanakeravan.


Yezidis) near Aparan, which was flooded out upon construction of the Aparan  reservoir. Taking the right fork in the village and turning right again on a dirt road 150 m down, take the left fork twice to reach a promontory overlooking the Hrazdan gorge. This is the site of the medieval castle of Karmir Berd (“Red Castle”), built on a prehistoric fortress. At the NE corner, the Iron Age gateway is preserved, including a cuneiform inscription that is still undeciphered. Under the N edge of the castle, in the gorge of the river Yeghvard are situated the archaeological cave sites of Hamo.