After a  right turn from the main road, another bridge crosses the Debed river leading to Dsegh, called Tumanian from 1938-1969, after its famous son, the writer Hovhannes Tumanian (1869-1923), and maintains the Tumanian house museum. In the village  there is a basilica  of   654  built by the Mamikonians  and  housing   an ethnographic    museum,     rebuilt     in

   Next is the village  of  Martswhich has a khachkar of 1285 above the village.


 19th c., and Bardzrakashi S. Grigori Vank of 12-13th c. W of the village is Karasun Mankots Vank of 12th c. In a field near Dsegh is the khachkar named “Sirun Khach”(“beautiful cross”). Another cemetery in the village includes fine khachkars, funerary pillar and the remnants of a small basilica church from the 7th c.