The   road   to  Alaverdi  passes  the Sanahin Railroad Station.

   Just S of the built up area of Alaverdi, a paved road switchbacks up the gorge wall to a sizable plateau.The main fork S leads to Odzun, with its famous church about 100 m W on the main paved village road. Dated stylistically to the first half of the 7th c., according    to      medieval     historical tradition    the    church    was  built   by Katholikos       Yovhan        of       Odzun


(717-728). Beside   the church is an unusual 7th c. funerary monument with two sculpted pillars depicting biblical scenes and the Christianization of Armenia. On the NE edge of town is a ruined 7th c. “Tsiranavor” basilica. On the SE edge of the village is the famous Horomayr monastery situated on the edge of a gorge and partly in the gorge. In the difrent parts of Odzun are standing beautiful khachkars.

"HAM" herbal and fruit teas