Driving E from  Artik  along  the  main road toward the village of Harich, Harichavank is reached by turning right before the prison. The main church was built by the Zakarian brothers in the year of AD 1201. The brothers Zakare and Ivane are figured on the E facade of the church.  The  St. Gregory church abutting at an angle the gavit of the main church  was  built

   E  of  Harich  is   Nahapetavan   (till 1935 Khachakilisa, till 1961 Paros, renamed in honor of its local hero, Nahapet Kurghinian, a participant in the May 1920 Bolshevik uprising) has a 6th c. S. Gevorg church.


perhaps as early as the 7th c. over a rock-cut tomb (?) and may have been originally a martyrís shrine. The site became in 1850 the summer residence of the Katholikos, with substantial 19th c. monastic architecture. One of the modern buildings houses a small museum. Across the gorge from the monastery is a 3rd millennium BC fortress and tomb field.