Approaching  Shirak  via  the   border highway from Armavir, you notice a faded metal pillar commemorating a now-forgotten Party Congress marks the    turnoff    for    the     town      of Ani-Pemza (till 1938 Kzkule) on the Akhurian river gorge. The town gets its name from the pumice mines nearby,  which  bury  the town in fine dust.  Approaching     the  village,   you

   The  second  SW   exit   from   Gyumri goes to the right turnoff for Voskehask (till 1947 Musakan, cyclopean fort 1 km NE).


see on theright the imposing remains of the Yereruyk basilica of the 5th c.; there are cave dwelling complex, the ruines of an old Yereruyk village, remains of early medieval dam, small ruined chapel nearby and an Early Iron Age cemetery in the valley just E of the basilica.