From Aghitu,  a  fork  left  allegedly  climbs to Noravan (founded 1928), and thence to the main Sisian-Goris highway.

   Staying on  the  main  road  through Aghitu, a few km beyond, take the right fork  left goes to Vaghatin, (till 1991Vagudi), which soon provides a splendid view of the Vorotan gorge and  Vorotnavank.  This  fortified monastery site, right of the road via a paved  driveway  about  8.5   km   from the stop sign, on a promontory overlooking   the   Vorotan.   The  main


S. Stepanos church was built in AD 1000 by Queen Shahandukht, and the adjoining S. Karapet church was built in 1007 by her son Sevada. The dome of S. Karapet collapsed in the earthquake of 1931. There are interesting carved gravestones in the cemetery. One of the churches is allegedly good for snakebite. From the monastery, the road winds down to a bridge.