More or less at the end  of  the  road, Shenatagh (from 1940 till recently Lernashen) has a S. Martiros church of 1860, with inscribed tombstones, and various cave hiding places and ruined hamlets nearby. There is a ruined         castle        in     the     gorge somewhere.

   Across the main Goris highway is the village of Ishkanasar (till recently Ghzljugh). From the Goris highway, a least two dirt roads (ask) lead N to Mt. Mets Ishkhanasar, a 3550 m volcano on the border with Azerbaijan.   On the mountain are alleged  to  be   important petroglyphs. In the crater 3 km E of the main summit  is  Sev Lich  (Black Lake) at  2657 m,  a  unique  lake  ecosystem,


since 1987 a State Reserve.