Continuing   straight   through    the Vardahovit, a deteriorating dirt road leads to the large, totally ruined hamlet of Getikvank, which has, left of the road, a few khachkars and worked blocks from a disappeared monastery. According to  the  mayor, the inhabitants of Gyadikvank were removed, with compensation, before the Karabakh crisis, with  the  aim  of

   Returning  to  Hermon,  the  other  (S) fork leads in 3.2 km up to Goghtanik (formerly Ghabakhlu), with artificial caves, a 13th c. bridge remains, and 13th c. church ruins. Climbing out of the Yeghegis river valley, the road becomes  a  mud  track,  impassible  inwinter (summit  of  pass 8.6  km  from Hermon). On the  far  side  of  the  pass (15.7 km),   on    the    Herher   river,    is

building a reservoir. Somewhere a few km NE is supposedly a monastery of the 10th c, Kotur Vank/Ghoturvan, with a church of 1271. Beyond Gyadikvank, the jeep track leads on through the mountains to Vardenis.



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