Yeghegnadzor, the  administrative capital of Vayots Dzor, historically Yeghegik,was an ancient seat of the Orbelian family, until 1935 Keshishkend, from 1935-57 called Mikoyan. Turning left up the main road into town,  bear  left  to  pass  the   hotel (60 rooms, bleak), then bear right. 100 m beyond on the left is a white building with round doorway destined to be  the

   Continuing  N  up  the  road  past  the Museum, one reaches the village of Gladzor, (until 1946 Ortakend); inhabitants came from Soma, Iran in 1830. There is the so called Vardani berd of the 9th c. on SW edge, with khachkars; also 1692  S. Hreshtakapet (Archangel) church.


the Museum, once funds are found to set up the exhibits. A small display room in the basement shows interesting medieval pottery, while the storerooms contain everything from fossils to spinning wheels. At the west side of town is a 17th c. church of S. Sargis, still in use. Immediately beyond it is a fortified mound surrounded by a cyclopean wall. Yeghegnadzor’s cannery, cheese factory, rug factory are moribund. A fresh report suggests that there is a refurbished small hotel, and also an enterprising travel office, Aquarius, offering riding and other adventures in the surrounding hills.


"GETNATUN" winery