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   The  town  of   Arpi    was   founded in 1965. Most of the population came here from Gnishik. Further along the gorge toward Arpi, on a hill on the S rim of the gorge, is the ruined 13th c. fort of Ertij. The cave shrine of Jrovank is in the nearby gorge.

   About 6.4 km after Areni,   just  before the Arpi sign, the first road turning right to cross the Arpa river, leads in 7.6 km to an old guardhouse on the left and, immediately beyond on the right beside the road, the tin-covered entrance to the Mozrovi cave. Discovered  in the 1970s during road building and still not completely mapped, this cave is  deep  and  full  of



spectacular colored stalagmite and stalactite formations. Entrance is perilous, through a hole in the cover and down a steep slope, and should not be attempted without an experienced caver. The Arji cave and several others are in the same general area. Another mile further up  is the village of Mozrov, with about 50 families.

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